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SEO Trends in 2019

The people who deal with Search Engine Optimization know that SEO is always changing. If you want to stay successful, you need to keep up with the changes in order to better optimize your content. If you do not do that, there is a good chance that you will be beaten by the competitors who are aware of the ways SEO has changed. It is an ’’adapt or die’’ kind of situation. So, in order to adapt more easily, read this article on new SEO trends in 2019.

Amazon Search Optimization is becoming more and more important

First of all, people who are interested in buying products seem to be bypassing Google and heading straight to Amazon in order to find the products they are interested in. People have been using Amazon to search for products ever since Amazon came into existence. However, they now do it a lot more often. One study has concluded that a surprisingly large percentage of consumers in the USA, Germany, France, and the UK primarily search for products on Amazon – 72 percent. And there is a good reason for that. Not only can the shoppers buy the product that they like right away, but they can also use Amazon for anything that they might have needed Google. We are talking about things like suggestions for similar products and user reviews.
A picture of a boat on the river Amazon, illustrating one of the SEO trends in 2019.

Maybe the author of this picture bought this boat on Amazon in order to pilot it across the Amazon.

This will certainly have a big influence on Google, as it puts a dent in their income. Searching for products on Amazon affects Google Ads and Google will lose money because of this. That is because shoppers will no longer click on ads for similar products on sites that have Google Ads running. This is one of the more interesting SEO trends because many SEO experts predict a huge rise in Amazon Search Optimization in 2019. SEO will no longer include only Google optimization, but it will also be necessary to optimize your content for other ’’engines’’ as well (Amazon and, later, probably Apple). This means that using all the ’’usual’’ SEO techniques will no longer be enough (by the way, if you are interested in some of the more advanced SEO strategies that you should adopt – we can provide you with some useful information).

Voice search is rising

Another new SEO trend concerns the rise of voice search. The number of users who search the internet by using voice search is increasing every day. So much, in fact, that specialists are expecting that by 2020 half of all searches will be made by using one’s voice. Not only that, but voice assistants of all kinds are becoming increasingly popular. 35,6 million Americans have reported that they use voice-controlled accessories at least once a month. Smart speakers are extremely in demand, as one in six Americans now owns such a device.
A picture of a phone that is being voice-controlled.

The fact that more and more people are using voice control influences SEO trends.

Of course, it is clear that this will lead to a huge change in the world of SEO. As such, this is definitely one of the most important new SEO trends. The change will occur because of the differences between spoken and written language. There is a big difference between how someone will type something, and the way they would phrase the same query by using their voice. This means that you should be prepared for answering the queries that were posited by using a more natural language.

Mobile-first indexing

Based on the way Google has been acting so far, we can determine that there is one thing that is very important to this IT giant – sites should be easy to use and as comfortable as possible so that the user can quickly browse the specific site and then move on to another one. This ’’need for speed’’ was especially evident in Google’s Speed Updates. These updates are their way of reducing the position that slow mobile sites had in Google rankings (while we are at it, everyone should conduct an SEO audit, and not only because of Google rankings). One can conclude that Google sees the slow-loading pages as one of the bigger problems when it comes to mobile searching. It seems that Google wants to use its popularity to make the site owners improve in terms of loading times. When it comes to SEO trends, this one is especially interesting because, back in March last year, Google introduced what is called mobile-first indexing. This is not surprising, as almost 60 percent of all internet traffic happens on mobile devices. Unfortunately, it is not easy to predict what mobile-first indexing entails when it comes to SEO. What we do know, however, is that you should definitely keep an eye on the speed of your website.

Blockchains round up the list of most interesting SEO trends in 2019

Finally, there is the blockchain technology. In simplest terms, blockchain is an expanding list of blocks (records) that are connected by using cryptography. Blockchains were invented in 2008 because there was a need for a sort of a public ledger that would be used to track the transactions made with bitcoins (a form of cryptocurrency).
A picture of a bitcoin.

Blockchains used to be associated primarily with bitcoins, but now they are also influencing SEO.

While blockchains were most strongly connected with bitcoins, in the future they will have a great influence on SEO too. One of the jobs that Google has had was to be a sort of a middleman between the owner of the website and the entity that is paying to have its ads displayed. That is why it was important for Google to maintain a trust relationship between the involved parties. That is where blockchains come into the picture. Namely, blockchains can verify that a user is not lying about his or her identity. They can determine whether a real person or a computer program (a bot) has viewed the ad. That is useful because website owners will only have to pay for the clicks made by actual people, and not bots, thus securing the trust relationship between all parties. Because blockchains are so efficient when dealing with attempts of online fraud, they will not only influence Google, but they will have an effect on the overall SEO. Microsoft and some other big companies are already looking into ways to utilize blockchains.

Other trends

These four SEO trends will have the greatest influence on SEO in 2019. However, here are some more trends, some old, some new, that are also relevant:
  • Experts predict that understanding your audience will be more important than ever in 2019. You will need to know exactly what kind of an answer someone is expecting after posting a query. Are they expecting to see a text, a video or maybe images?
  • AI is becoming more important for Google, and with it, so are the structured data. In the future, Google will want to move to an AI-first world, but in order for that to become reality, AI should be able to quickly process data.
  • It seems that Google is rewarding the sites that have more quality content. Duplicate texts are strongly forbidden, so using Copyscape.com to check this type of content is a must. Quality was always important, but now Google is pushing website owners to do even better.
  • Do not forget that negative SEO is still highly unethical. Try to win over your competitors by being better than them, not by unethically sabotaging them.
  • On-page optimization was important and it will keep being so. You should always keep updating on-page SEO as the rules of SEO keep evolving.
Like we said, SEO keeps changing, but by staying up-to-date and learning all you can about new SEO trends, you will increase your chances of surviving in this severely competitive environment. Stay safe!
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Advanced SEO strategies you should adopt

In this cut-throat business world, being successful at what you do means outperforming the competition. The digital era we live in has brought us the dynamic world of System Engine Optimization. As this world keeps changing and evolving, every ambitious business needs to keep up with the latest SEO advancements to stay in the game. At the moment, these are some of the most effective advanced SEO strategies to improve your search ranking.

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Negative SEO – all you need to know

 In this modern technological era, a road to successful business inevitably leads over the internet. Thus, it is of utter importance to make your brand visible online by creating a safe and high-quality website that will achieve favorable search engine rankings. While SEO techniques can help considerably in reaching this goal, there are those among your competitors who would do anything to create numerous obstacles on your way to the top. Here we come to negative SEO. What does the term refer to? Is it a serious threat or not? We can help you understand. Here is all you need to know about negative SEO.

What does negative SEO refer to?

Negative SEO refers to using an unethical group of activities for the purpose of sabotaging and lowering a competitor’s search engine rankings. It can take various forms to impede the functioning of your website, and finally harm your business. Concerning the importance of SEO for small business growth and for reputable corporations as well, exploring the ways to protect from negative SEO is compulsory. However, the real problem is that prevention from these techniques is beyond your control. Also, you cannot detect them until you take conscious steps to analyze your rankings and incoming traffic.

Types of negative SEO

Generally, there are two major distinctive groups of these black hat activities. Each of them can take different forms. Understandably, depending on the type, we use various methods to handle these attacks and provide security to both our website and our business.

Negative off-page SEO

 This group includes those activities that affect your website, but yet don’t internally interfere with it.  The problem with them is that they are very difficult to discover and almost impossible to prevent. The negative off-page SEO includes:

A boy surrounded by network symbolizing negative SEO .
Negative off-page SEO affects your website but it doesn’t internally interfere with it.
  • Linking farms – This is the situation when spammers use a group of interconnected sites to build an immense number of links to your website. A Google update, the Penguin, recognizes these manipulative links so you might get penalized.
  • Copying your content to other websites – In this case, when Google update the Panda recognizes content duplication, it may take punitive actions against your website. Most often, it will identify the source, but sometimes it can also mistake a stolen version for the original and that means trouble.
  • Crawling – Crawling is when your competitors decide to crawl your website for the purpose of crashing it and causing serious server load. The first signs of this activity are slow loading time or even unavailability of your website.
  • Fake reviews –Since reviews are very important in doing business, receiving a lot of negative ones can have harsh consequences not only for your website but for your whole business as well.
  • Creating fake profiles on social networks under your name – The aim of this negative SEO is clear – spammers want to ruin your reputation online.

Negative on-page SEO

This group of activities aims at hacking into your website and making some changes with the data. Luckily, they are highly difficult to conduct and yet they are easy to fix with the assistance of an experienced professional team. The negative on-page SEO includes:

A hacker pointing to the cyber security phrase written on a glass surface.
Negative on-page SEO includes hacking into your website and making some changes with the data.
  • Modifying the content on your website – Spammers can hack your website and make some changes in your content. Moreover, they do this in the best possible way to stay unnoticed until you finally decide to explore and check your site and then you find the problem. Spammers usually add links which cannot be seen until the moment you decide to analyze the code.
  • Modifying your page to redirect to a spammer’s page – Most likely, hackers will use this method to attack websites with high reputation and link popularity. Their primary aim when doing this is to try and improve their own rankings. This type of negative SEO can cause serious damage to your website.
  • Getting your website de-indexed –For this type of negative SEO all a hacker has to do is make some slight changes in robots.txt. Consequently, your SEO strategy will turn into a complete mess.
  • Hacking the site – Once Google finds out your website has been hacked, they will want to protect their users. Hence, they will add the notification “this website may be hacked” to your search listings.

How to protect your website from negative SEO attacks?

In the spirit of the saying that every problem has its solution, we must admit that there are some conscious steps you can take to protect your reputation and the safety of your website. Here are a few successful strategies:

  • Constant vigilance and revision of your SEO properties.
  • Constantly keep track of backlinks published on your website. This way you will notice instantly if someone creates a link or redirects to your website. More importantly, you will be able to repair damage at short notice.
  • Provide proper protection for your best backlinks, since they will be the main goal your online attackers will want to reach. Thus, when you communicate with webmasters, never use Gmail or Yahoo email address. Instead, use the address from your domain to prove your identity.
  • If you use Word Press, the best you can do is install Google Authenticator Plugin to create a more complex, verification password in two steps. If not, a strong password is what you need by all means. Use a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters.
  • Run regular checks for duplicate content. The smartest and yet the simplest choice is to use Copyscape.com.  Enter the name of your website or a part of the content you want to verify and wait for results.
  • Check the speed of your website on a regular basis – A very low loading speed is most often a sign of spammers who are messing up your server.
  • Finally, make sure your SEO strategies are appropriate. Always strive to choose the best anchor text strategy for SEO. On the other hand, you shouldn’t publish guest posts of low quality on your website or sell links on your website if you don’t use the “nofollow” attribute. Also, buying links for SEO is out of the question.
The word SEO written with white dices as an opposite option to negative SEO
Make sure your own SEO strategies are appropriate.

Is negative SEO a serious threat?

The answer is, unfortunately, affirmative. However, Google is trying its best to protect the users and detect and penalize all those who practice negative SEO. What we can do is use strong security systems and always install updates. In the meantime, your business and improving its visibility online shouldn’t stop. Continue your development, explore the elements of a successful outreach strategy and keep your eyes peeled for malicious websites and hackers.

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The ultimate guide to updating citations

As you already know by now, in order to run successfully any kind of business, you have to be present online. And even that’s not enough. You have to find your place in many different online fields. Not only you should have a strong content and backlink strategy, but you should also be vigorously committed to citations. That is why we decided to help you get familiar with SEO and the ultimate guide to updating citations. Because, if you do the online part with quality, your business is going to feel some serious positive effects of it in real life.

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Elizabeth J.The ultimate guide to updating citations
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Is keyword research still important?

Recently, one of the major issues regarding SEO has been that if topics or keywords are more important. This discussion is due to the fact that Google is learning to understand natural language. Google is so good at it that it can now identify similar terms for search queries, which makes it less important to worry about small changes in how you pronounce your content when targeting a specific key phrase. Some people argue that it is more important to think about the concepts that Google interprets, regardless of the words used. While this may be somewhat true, keyword research is still a very important SEO concept.

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10 Elements of a Successful Outreach Strategy

Whenever you are trying to improve the performance of your website, you need to put in some extra effort. It doesn’t matter if you are improving the load time of your website or its SEO. The same goes for your outreach, no matter what your strategy is. There are many elements of a successful outreach strategy that you need to master. If you are reaching out to influencers or other websites for the first time, it’s going to be hard. There will be a lot of mistakes to learn from. But, once you do, you will be able to form lasting relationships with people who can help you grow and further develop.

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Best Anchor Text Strategy for SEO

Are you interested in learning more about anchor text and SEO? If yes, then this guide will be great for you! We’ve gathered precious pieces of information on using anchor text strategy for SEO in order to achieve the best SEO results. Keep reading and you’ll learn them all.

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How to improve user experience and organic reach on your website?

In today’s world of technology and social media, it is quite hard to keep up with new products on the market. The Internet has become the number one gathering place for everyone, whether it’s to talk, play games or work. People are constantly getting bombarded with new information. Running a business online has become tough due to the competition that steadily grows every day. If you wish to run a successful website, there are some essential steps you need to follow. Learning how to improve user experience and organic reach on your website is of utmost importance.

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Get Found: How to use SEO for small business growth

Generally, small businesses are having a hard time to break through. The owners often believe that their marketing opportunities are very limited due to its limited budget. Fortunately, the good news is that you can advertise your business with a small budget. Wondering how is that possible? Simple, small businesses can make amazing marketing impact using the SEO. SEO happens to be the most cost-effective type of marketing today, and you should definitely invest in it. Don’t know much about it? No worries. Let’s find out how to use SEO for small business grow.

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