June 2019

What it takes to become an SEO expert

SEO expertise is no longer something that only SEO professionals should possess. Search Engine Optimization is not the only discipline that strengthens your digital presence, but it certainly is an important one. Read the following article to find out what it takes to become an SEO expert.

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Elizabeth J.What it takes to become an SEO expert
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The best free SEO tools to increase your rankings

SEO tools help you complete a set of tasks as fast as possible and with as close to perfection as you can get. Up until recently, there weren’t many free SEO tools that you could use. If you were working on a tight budget and needed to perform a limited set of tasks fast, you had to pay the full price. But now, there are dozens of free tools that you can and should use on a daily basis. You can, of course, purchase the whole tool if you figure out you need it but we think you can find your way like this too. Thus, here are some of the best free SEO tools to increase your rankings.

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Elizabeth J.The best free SEO tools to increase your rankings
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Outdated SEO techniques you should avoid

The potential of using SEO for improving both your search engine rankings and online presence is impressive. However, using the full potential of this powerful means is possible only if you follow the latest trends in this filed. This means that an SEO strategy which used to be effective some time ago, may not be sufficient to provide you with the credibility and reputation you expect. Thus, pay close attention to the following SEO techniques you should avoid. Then, you can focus on advanced SEO strategies instead, start using them and finally reach your goals easily.

1 – Offering quantity instead of quality is one of the outdated SEO techniques which is still in use

Traditionally, website owners used to concentrate on providing their readers with a vast number of texts. The primary aim of this strategy was to offer a variety of content, which, unfortunately, very often lacked the necessary quality. Nowadays, the situation has changed dramatically. The appearance of Google Panda has forced these website owners to stop using incompetent, low-quality content. Instead, readers should be able to find the content of genuine quality and value. Should you fail to meet this requirement and decide to prioritize quantity over quality, you are bound to be severely penalized by Google and also lose your high rank in search engines.

a silhouette of a woman holding the words high quality because one of the outdated SEO techniques is to offer vast number of texts with low quality
Offer high-quality content to your users instead of a vast number of texts which lack quality.

2 – Keyword stuffing

It happens very often that website owners cannot find the balance between the proper optimization and over-optimization of the content. Hence, try your best to steer clear from one of the most frequently used outdated SEO techniques – an evident abuse of the keywords you want to position for.  The most promising approach and one of the SEO trends in 2019 is to use keywords naturally. The slightest keyword abuse instantly triggers Google Penguin and you can lose your favorable position on search engine results surprisingly fast.

3 – Spinning the existing content into a new one

Once a legitimate SEO technique, this is now a strategy considered to belong to the negative SEO sphere. The constant changes in technology and the new Google updates have made website owners improve their knowledge of SEO and explore the best ways on how to use it. If you hope to create quality content by simply applying rephrasing and using similar words, the results will be disappointing. As unbelievable as it may sound, no website owner will ever be able to trick the search engine and masquerade incompetence into prime-quality content. Hence, make a serious effort to offer expertise in your field to the readers and your presence on the first page of search engine results will not miss.

4 – Buying links is out of the question

It is essential to earn links toward your website. Those who have problems with this task easily get into the trap of using one of the outdated SEO strategies – buying links. As one of the link building mistakes you should avoid, there is no chance that this approach will provide you with online reputation and credibility you need to succeed in your niche. As soon as one of the Google updates identifies a vast number of low-quality sites which provide an immense number of links to your website for no logical reason, all you can expect is a penalty.

a man in the middle of a lot of links - buying links is one of the outdated SEO techniques you should avoid
As soon as one of the Google updates identifies a vast number of low-quality sites which provide an immense number of links to your website for no logical reason, all you can expect is a penalty.

5 – Overusing anchor texts is one of the outdated SEO techniques you should avoid

SEO updates now require quality linking structure for high rankings without exception. In order to achieve this, website owners have to provide optimized anchor texts that will lead to target landing pages and relevant blog posts. Earlier, it was possible and even advisable to use exact-match keyword phrases as much as you can. This practice used to guarantee favorable search engine rankings. Today, it is an outdated SEO technique that doesn’t bring any results. Instead, you should use varieties of anchor texts – branded, naked, page title, heading, etc. Only this way will you avoid activating Google Penguin and losing trustworthiness among your readers. Also, always bear in mind that these readers are who you write for. Do not write for search engines and expect success.

6 – Creating pages for all keyword variations

Earlier it was possible to rank high easily if you provided the content rich in keywords and keyword variations targeted by your brand. Then, the appearance of certain algorithms significantly changed this SEO practice. These algorithms are able to recognize that these variations of keywords are actually related to the same topic. Consequently, they started eliminating this strategy by introducing penalties. If you want to rank high in search engine results, you have to offer value related to your brand to your users, not just the variation of the same content. Moreover, if this one among the outdated SEO techniques hand continued to develop, we would now have considerable difficulties to navigate websites, since the content would be highly similar. At the bottom line, this would make the user experience very negative.

7 – Targeting exact-match search queries

One of the outdated SEO techniques is by all means targeting exact-match search engine queries in your strivings to rank as high as possible. The Google Knowledge Graph has completely eliminated this tactic as the one that leads to success, credibility, and online reputation. Concerning the number of variables that this practice entails, this was not a big surprise.

a woman working on a laptop and Google search engine on the screen

One of the outdated SEO techniques is by all means targeting exact-match search engine queries in your strivings to rank as high as possible.

8 – Exact-match domains

It used to be an excellent strategy to have keywords of high value in your URL. However, despite this fact, excessive use of this strategy soon caused bad user experience and Google eventually realized that exact-match domains do not mean success.  Instead of using this outdated SEO technique, pay attention now to the SEO best practices you should know. Focus on performing your jor job impeccably and offer premium-quality services. Your high search engine results will be guaranteed.


The use of outdated SEO techniques is still present, unfortunately. They are followed by those who still have not realized that this is the wrong way to the top of the Google ladder. Hence, if you want to create a respectable brand, gain online credibility and reputation, following SEO trends is compulsory. Technology is ever-changing and we have to follow and master these changes. That is the only way to reach our goals.

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Elizabeth J.Outdated SEO techniques you should avoid
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How artificial intelligence is transforming SEO

Every website owner needs to understand one thing, SEO. The website’s success in search engines is dependent on how well it is optimized for Google. If your SEO is done good, you have a better chance to find yourself in the SERPs first page when someone is searching by your keyword. To have your page on the first page, you need to understand how SEO works and how to optimize it to affect your better ranking. SEO is changing constantly, so you have to be prepared to make those changes so that you stay on top of it.

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Elizabeth J.How artificial intelligence is transforming SEO
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SEO best practices you should know

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a term used to define any kind of optimization efforts toward your website which result in increased visibility in search engines. Search engine optimization requires content and link building strategy, as well as the patience to monitor your progress over several months. There is a difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO techniques. White Hat SEO targets your website content towards humans first and search engines second. Black Hat SEO focuses primarily on manipulating the search engine ranks to receive an increase in traffic. There are a couple of SEO best practices you should know so you can start with a successful basic optimization.

SEO best practices

These are the basic SEO best practices you should know:

  • Keyword research
  • Content writing
  • Images optimization
  • Link building
  • SEO-Friendly URLs
  • Video implementation

Keyword research

Search for relevant keywords is researching potential keywords you want to focus on in your content. Knowing which keywords you want to rank for will give a good start in your content strategy planning and a clear direction for the future steps you need to take. The best starting point is to find 3 or 4 relevant words you can use for a keyword and to target and focus on that keyword in your content. The next step is to include keywords in an H1 tag. The good practice is to place your main keyword at the beginning of the title. It is good enough to have your keyword once within the first paragraph and once more on another. One keyword per post is more than enough to start with. Add your keyword to the meta title and to the meta description.

Illustrated SEO specialist holding his knowledge on a screen.

You don’t need too much to get familiar with SEO practices.

Content writing

Make your content unique. It is a bad SEO strategy to write content for your website just for the purpose of ranking in the search engines. You will get penalized by the search engines for doing so. The first thing to do is to write a title for the article with your keyword inside. Then you can focus on the quality of your content. The better the quality of your content is, the more readers will be back for more. With the possibility of sharing it to others. Write an effective article without thinking too much about SEO. Write it as if you were speaking to another person. That way you are talking directly to readers. It is more natural. The optimal ranking length of your content should be somewhere between 1,000 – 2,000 words.

Images optimization

Visual aids, in general, are a good way to keep people’s attention span, and it’s the same thing with website content. It’s easier and faster for a human to process the visual representation than a plain text. When adding an image to your content, it is a good practice to change the file name before uploading it. Anything is better than generic names coming from free online sources. Adding an alternative text to your images is important for two main reasons. First, it helps visually impaired people to know what’s on a picture, and second, it helps you, allowing the search engines to read what the image is about. Another thing you don’t want to forget is to optimize the size of your images. It helps your page to load faster thus having more chance to hold on to a reader’s attention.

Link building

Link juice is an informal term used by many Search Engine Optimizers which refers to the amount of link authority a website possesses. In plain English, the more authority-websites links to your pages the greater the value of your pages are. Besides that, the good practice is to have at least one internal link to another page within your website. The anchor text, which is the text you are linking from, needs to be relevant to the page you are linking to. The goal of a link-building campaign is to make it appear as natural as possible. A link to another website, ideally a high authority site, is called external link. Have at least one in your content. Wikipedia is a good choice if you are not sure where to link to.

SEO-Friendly URLs

The most common mistakes made today is the lack of an SEO-friendly URL structure. Keep all your URLs not too long and make them easy to remember. Your URL should be understandable by both humans and search engines. Have the main keyword phrase inside it, with ideally positioned at the beginning of your URL. As your website is growing in content, a good thing to consider will be categorizing your URLs. When doing that don’t forget that search engines favor dashes over underscores. The reason for this is that underscores are considered ‘alpha characters’ and do not separate words, while dashes are separators.

Representation of many "Google" things in a browser.

Search engines are constantly improving their algorithms in order to improve rankings.

Video implementation

Adding a video to your page will influence your rankings. Whatever you do on the internet today videos are everywhere. There are videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and that’s just a few well-known sites. Embedding a video relevant to your content is shown to be a good potential help by some studies.

Social media words mixed cloud.

Everything is cross-linking today.


Search engine optimization is an ever-changing playground that pushes the boundaries daily. Employees at Google, Yahoo and Bing are constantly improving their search engine results by analyzing what makes a website relevant to a particular keyword. Although search engines modify their algorithms all the time, they have not, and will not deviate from their original criteria and methodology ranking websites. Quality content and link building will always remain primary. While Search Engine Optimization can seem too complex at times, it truly is just a simple set of rules you will need to follow in order to improve your site rankings. So, start the journey by learning all SEO best practices you should know, and one day it will be a breeze to dig into more advanced SEO techniques.

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Elizabeth J.SEO best practices you should know
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