May 2019

Improve accessibility and boost your SEO

Improving your website’s accessibility brings various kinds of advantages for your business. The most important one is the increase in traffic to your website which also boosts your SEO. This means that people will be able to see your site on the list when they google a certain keyword. Moreover, accessibility also means making your site usable by everyone, regardless of their age, education or ability. So, if you learn how to incorporate different kinds of practices to improve accessibility, the results will surely follow. Here are some easy ways to do so:

Choose Your Colors Wisely

If you want to make sure that everyone is able to see and distinguish the colors easily, they need to contrast each other. People who are color-blind shouldn’t find it difficult to understand why certain text is in darker or lighter colors. Try using contrasting colors for texts and their backgrounds. If your foreground and background have sufficient contrast, you’re on the right path. If you’re putting the text and its background in different shades of the same color, avoid shades similar in saturation and hue. You can make sure that you’re color combinations are good by testing them with online tools. You can find many kinds of tools and see how effective your choices are when it comes to improving accessibility.

a color scheme which can be important if you want to improve accessibility on your website
Combine color schemes so that they are easily distinguishable

Improve Accessibility by Adding Alt Text

Alternative text is a very important part of every image you put on your website. You can notice it below the caption and is equally as beneficial when it comes to accessibility. Alt text is actually a replacement for the image if the site has trouble loading it. In that case, people can read the alt text that describes the picture. It will help you improve your SEO while also giving your guest some context in case of a missing picture. If you have a picture of a house, you can put “a house” as the alternative text. This counts as one of the advanced SEO strategies you should adopt.

Being one of the most important accessibility needs, alt text also provides context for the visually impaired people. Thanks to the screen reader tools, every user is able to understand the intended meaning and context.

Make All Content Easily Accessible

Easily accessible content on the website can sometimes be an issue in cases where there’s a lot of dynamic content.  When used properly, some of its benefits are the following:

  • offers a user-friendly experience
  • it can help increase return visits and bounce rate
  • can be seamless without messing up the page

If you’re not familiar with the term, it means adaptive content that serves to deliver a satisfying experience online. So, in order to achieve this, dynamic content varies depending on the user’s data as well as the time of access. If used properly, it can attract a lot of people and make them want to revisit the website. However, try not to overdo it. Think of visually impaired people and their experience. The screen reader won’t be able to pick up on that additional content since it can only read the site as it is when it first loads. You can try to adapt it by announcing the shift so that all users can pick up on it.

an office with a desk, computer and a couple of pictures on the wall
Knowing how to use dynamic content can improve your SEO

In case you need professional advice concerning dynamic content or how to get higher ranking services, contact SEO Syntax. They specialize in all things website and content, so you’ll be receiving some important tips and information about this topic.

Don’t Forget to Use Headers

Headers are important because they help to structure all the content correctly and neatly. They improve the flow and the whole content will therefore be a lot simpler to understand. Screen readers can easily interpret your content and pages once you have clear headers. So, don’t forget to add some for your website. Just remember that H1 for example, should only be used for the page title and therefore, you need one per page. Then you have H2, used for subheadings and so on. Just don’t forget the order they go in and that is all.

Once you’ve added headers, they should do the following:

  • follow a logical order
  • no sections are skipped
  • accurately and precisely describe the content

Improve Accessibility by Making Your Site Keyboard-Friendly

somebody's hands typing on a laptop
Keyboard-friendly sites work without the use of a mouse

If your website can work without using a mouse then it really is accessible. Keyboard-only navigation is what most assistive technologies use nowadays so allowing this for your website is an important step.

The most common website navigation via keyboard is with the tab key. It jumps on the areas on a page that have “keyboard focus”. These can be buttons, links or forms. Moreover, people with disabilities rely on the keyboard navigation whereas some other uses just prefer keyboard over mouse. It is more efficient for many and therefore advisable that you allow it on your website to improve accessibility.

Avoid Automatic Navigation or Media

There’s nothing more annoying than automatically-playing music or video files when you first enter a website. Therefore, avoid putting these on your site since it is also an accessibility issue. Namely, the user has to figure out how to turn them off when using a keyboard to navigate. These files can be a source of confusion and fright caused by a sudden noise.

a person holding the back of his head sitting in front of a laptop, obviously annoyed
Unexpected media files on a site can cause annoyance among users

Now that you know how certain content can be harmful to your website’s reputation, choose and create content while having accessibility in mind. Paying attention to details and combining good design with content is the best way to go. Always think of ways to make your website even more accessible to all kinds of people visiting it. Your users will thank you and surely re-visit. That is how you know that you have done a great job of improving accessibility and boosting your SEO as well.

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Elizabeth J.Improve accessibility and boost your SEO
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Make your business goals come true by accomplishing your SEO goals

Do you own your own business, but you don’t know how to reach your business goals? If you do, this article will prove to be very useful to you. Currently, many are more willing to own their own business, then work for somebody else. This is very admirable because if your business fails, you will feel the consequences the most. Rather than thinking about possible failure, let us discuss how can you prevent it. Even better, let us discuss how can you reach your business goals. For instance, consider SEO and start researching it.

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Elizabeth J.Make your business goals come true by accomplishing your SEO goals
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SEO Trends in 2019

The people who deal with Search Engine Optimization know that SEO is always changing. If you want to stay successful, you need to keep up with the changes in order to better optimize your content. If you do not do that, there is a good chance that you will be beaten by the competitors who are aware of the ways SEO has changed. It is an ’’adapt or die’’ kind of situation. So, in order to adapt more easily, read this article on new SEO trends in 2019.

Amazon Search Optimization is becoming more and more important

First of all, people who are interested in buying products seem to be bypassing Google and heading straight to Amazon in order to find the products they are interested in. People have been using Amazon to search for products ever since Amazon came into existence. However, they now do it a lot more often. One study has concluded that a surprisingly large percentage of consumers in the USA, Germany, France, and the UK primarily search for products on Amazon – 72 percent. And there is a good reason for that. Not only can the shoppers buy the product that they like right away, but they can also use Amazon for anything that they might have needed Google. We are talking about things like suggestions for similar products and user reviews.
A picture of a boat on the river Amazon, illustrating one of the SEO trends in 2019.

Maybe the author of this picture bought this boat on Amazon in order to pilot it across the Amazon.

This will certainly have a big influence on Google, as it puts a dent in their income. Searching for products on Amazon affects Google Ads and Google will lose money because of this. That is because shoppers will no longer click on ads for similar products on sites that have Google Ads running. This is one of the more interesting SEO trends because many SEO experts predict a huge rise in Amazon Search Optimization in 2019. SEO will no longer include only Google optimization, but it will also be necessary to optimize your content for other ’’engines’’ as well (Amazon and, later, probably Apple). This means that using all the ’’usual’’ SEO techniques will no longer be enough (by the way, if you are interested in some of the more advanced SEO strategies that you should adopt – we can provide you with some useful information).

Voice search is rising

Another new SEO trend concerns the rise of voice search. The number of users who search the internet by using voice search is increasing every day. So much, in fact, that specialists are expecting that by 2020 half of all searches will be made by using one’s voice. Not only that, but voice assistants of all kinds are becoming increasingly popular. 35,6 million Americans have reported that they use voice-controlled accessories at least once a month. Smart speakers are extremely in demand, as one in six Americans now owns such a device.
A picture of a phone that is being voice-controlled.

The fact that more and more people are using voice control influences SEO trends.

Of course, it is clear that this will lead to a huge change in the world of SEO. As such, this is definitely one of the most important new SEO trends. The change will occur because of the differences between spoken and written language. There is a big difference between how someone will type something, and the way they would phrase the same query by using their voice. This means that you should be prepared for answering the queries that were posited by using a more natural language.

Mobile-first indexing

Based on the way Google has been acting so far, we can determine that there is one thing that is very important to this IT giant – sites should be easy to use and as comfortable as possible so that the user can quickly browse the specific site and then move on to another one. This ’’need for speed’’ was especially evident in Google’s Speed Updates. These updates are their way of reducing the position that slow mobile sites had in Google rankings (while we are at it, everyone should conduct an SEO audit, and not only because of Google rankings). One can conclude that Google sees the slow-loading pages as one of the bigger problems when it comes to mobile searching. It seems that Google wants to use its popularity to make the site owners improve in terms of loading times. When it comes to SEO trends, this one is especially interesting because, back in March last year, Google introduced what is called mobile-first indexing. This is not surprising, as almost 60 percent of all internet traffic happens on mobile devices. Unfortunately, it is not easy to predict what mobile-first indexing entails when it comes to SEO. What we do know, however, is that you should definitely keep an eye on the speed of your website.

Blockchains round up the list of most interesting SEO trends in 2019

Finally, there is the blockchain technology. In simplest terms, blockchain is an expanding list of blocks (records) that are connected by using cryptography. Blockchains were invented in 2008 because there was a need for a sort of a public ledger that would be used to track the transactions made with bitcoins (a form of cryptocurrency).
A picture of a bitcoin.

Blockchains used to be associated primarily with bitcoins, but now they are also influencing SEO.

While blockchains were most strongly connected with bitcoins, in the future they will have a great influence on SEO too. One of the jobs that Google has had was to be a sort of a middleman between the owner of the website and the entity that is paying to have its ads displayed. That is why it was important for Google to maintain a trust relationship between the involved parties. That is where blockchains come into the picture. Namely, blockchains can verify that a user is not lying about his or her identity. They can determine whether a real person or a computer program (a bot) has viewed the ad. That is useful because website owners will only have to pay for the clicks made by actual people, and not bots, thus securing the trust relationship between all parties. Because blockchains are so efficient when dealing with attempts of online fraud, they will not only influence Google, but they will have an effect on the overall SEO. Microsoft and some other big companies are already looking into ways to utilize blockchains.

Other trends

These four SEO trends will have the greatest influence on SEO in 2019. However, here are some more trends, some old, some new, that are also relevant:
  • Experts predict that understanding your audience will be more important than ever in 2019. You will need to know exactly what kind of an answer someone is expecting after posting a query. Are they expecting to see a text, a video or maybe images?
  • AI is becoming more important for Google, and with it, so are the structured data. In the future, Google will want to move to an AI-first world, but in order for that to become reality, AI should be able to quickly process data.
  • It seems that Google is rewarding the sites that have more quality content. Duplicate texts are strongly forbidden, so using to check this type of content is a must. Quality was always important, but now Google is pushing website owners to do even better.
  • Do not forget that negative SEO is still highly unethical. Try to win over your competitors by being better than them, not by unethically sabotaging them.
  • On-page optimization was important and it will keep being so. You should always keep updating on-page SEO as the rules of SEO keep evolving.
Like we said, SEO keeps changing, but by staying up-to-date and learning all you can about new SEO trends, you will increase your chances of surviving in this severely competitive environment. Stay safe!
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