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Advanced SEO strategies you should adopt

In this cut-throat business world, being successful at what you do means outperforming the competition. The digital era we live in has brought us the dynamic world of System Engine Optimization. As this world keeps changing and evolving, every ambitious business needs to keep up with the latest SEO advancements to stay in the game. At the moment, these are some of the most effective advanced SEO strategies to improve your search ranking.

Think about the needs of your target audience

Different websites have different types of audience. Knowing your audience is one of the key elements of a successful outreach strategy. When planning your SEO approach, you need to have your specific audience in mind. By researching your customers’ needs, you should be able to determine what to focus on when tailoring your SEO strategies. You need to ask yourself how you can connect with your target audience, which platforms they use most frequently, and what they talk about. Your blog posts can explore the topics they are interested in. For instance, if they are mentioning a specific product or service, review it in your blog section. Monitor the comments on your posts and see which ones are the most and least popular.

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Keep up with the latest advanced SEO strategies to survive in the ever-changing world of SEO.

Become mobile-friendly

It would be a huge oversight if your website was not optimized for mobile users, since over 50% of website traffic is generated through smartphones. Obviously, your business can benefit a lot by being approachable to mobile search engines. Make sure your users can browse your website on any device. The possibility to view your website on a screen of any size is very convenient for the user, as there is no need to zoom in and out. Consequently, optimizing your website for all devices will have a positive effect on your search rankings. Google has introduced mobile-first indexing because most of its users access websites through mobile devices. In other words, it uses the mobile version of your site for indexing and ranking and you can’t change that. Although we are not saying that you should abandon SEO for desktop devices, you should start prioritizing your mobile customers.

Improve your loading speed

This is one of the most important advanced SEO strategies you can’t underestimate. Your web page loading speed has a significant impact on your website’s SEO, even for mobile searches. According to Google, 53% of mobile users abandon a web page unless it loads within three seconds. Therefore, you should start testing your speed and check whether something is slowing it down. Maybe you are using the wrong theme or images that are too heavy, perhaps spammers are messing up your server – there are many potential culprits! Checking the speed of your website regularly is a good way to protect your website from negative SEO attacks!

Publish longer blog posts

Although the quality of your content is essential for your search rankings, content length is also an important factor. By writing longer, in-depth blog posts, you are more likely to get better rankings. The posts that end up on the first result page are 1,890 words long, on average. Still, empty words won’t do much for your post. Remember that quantity without quality can’t boost your rankings the way you desire.

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The effectiveness of your SEO strategy is dependent on a variety of factors.

Optimize your website for voice-based searches

Nowadays, users can look up things on Google while doing something else, without using their hands. It is estimated that by 2020, 30% of all web searches will be voice searches. That is a good enough reason to optimize your content for voice searches. Most voice-based queries are expressed in conversational language using longer keywords. Also, queries often come in the form of where/what/how/why questions. Since most voice searches come from mobile devices, you should also implement one of the advanced SEO strategies we addressed earlier – optimizing for mobile users.

Find competitive keywords

As we mentioned, the world of SEO is ever-changing. “Is keyword research still important?” is a question you might be asking. The answer is yes, very! You may think it is enough to find relevant keywords for your own website. However, the key is finding keywords your competitors rank for. You can identify your competitors’ strengths (as well as weaknesses) through keyword research. This is a great way to learn from your competition and have a deeper insight into their strategy.

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Tailor your SEO techniques to stay ahead of the competition.

The use of infographic content is another advanced SEO strategy

According to marketers, infographics, illustrations, charts and data visualizations are very useful tools. Infographic content can be mixed with video and text. It can also be reused and reposted on your website and social media. You can even show some creativity by implementing GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format). Since they are highly visual, they are likely to capture the attention of your audience. With good infographics, you can make the most complex topic simpler and easier to understand for your readers.

Write the right tags for visual content

The search engine that crawls your web page needs to understand what the visual content is. Since images and videos cannot be easily scanned by the search engine, you need to use appropriate alt tags and title tags. The alt tag tells the search engine how the visual content relates to your topic, while the title tag defines the visual content. Adding focus keywords gives the visual content more relevance.

That concludes our list of advanced SEO strategies that can improve your search rankings. However, none of them will be sufficient on its own. Also, they are not equally beneficial. If you combine them while having the specific nature of your business in mind, you can expect the desired outcome. See you on the first page!

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Elizabeth J.Advanced SEO strategies you should adopt

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