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How to improve user experience and organic reach on your website?

In today’s world of technology and social media, it is quite hard to keep up with new products on the market. The Internet has become the number one gathering place for everyone, whether it’s to talk, play games or work. People are constantly getting bombarded with new information. Running a business online has become tough due to the competition that steadily grows every day. If you wish to run a successful website, there are some essential steps you need to follow. Learning how to improve user experience and organic reach on your website is of utmost importance.

What is UX?

To be able to understand how to improve user experience and organic reach, you will need to understand what does it really mean. Many people think that by building a beautiful website, they provide fantastic user experience to their customers. In reality, UX is primarily about usability that your website offers.

If a client comes to your website and finds it difficult to use, it will not matter how beautiful it is. If they cannot navigate your site with ease and find the necessary information quickly, they will not stay for long. With this in mind, the most crucial aspect of designing a website is to know what your customers want.

That is the key to success.

Person holding a mobile phone

User experience has to be provided to people via all devices

How to improve user experience and organic reach on your website?

Companies such as SEO Syntax strive to provide you with all the essential information needed for a successful website. They will show you how to get people to visit your site. Moreover, they will show you how to have them come back over and over again. Remember that one successful client shortly becomes two, and two become four.

UX design basics

To successfully create a user experience that will have your clients come back for more, you need to pay special attention to:

  • content flow
  • navigation bar
  • negative space
  • text and images
  • optimization

Let’s closely look at each of these aspects individually.

Content flow

The structure of your website is what makes it tick. Every object needs to be placed with intention. When designing your framework, think about usability and productivity. If you wish for a visitor to become a customer, you must create an experience to remember. When we talk about content flow, it means that your website has to be simple to use. Design for your targeted audience, and it will pay off. Learning what the content flow is and how to use it will improve user experience and organic reach on your website.

Organizational flow chart.

Organize your website in a way that is easy to use and follow.

Navigation bar

If we say that content flow is the heart of your website, the navigation bar will represent veins. Its job is to help customers successfully reach every part of the structure. Divide your content into groups and link to each page. You should avoid adding extra pages if there is no need for them. Have in mind that the navigation bar has to accessorize essential sections of your website.

Negative space

Adding objects to your web page is one of the crucial building blocks of every website. After you add all elements to the structure of your page, negative space represents white space that was not populated by any object. Think about this. You have to let your website breathe. If you place too many elements on one page, it will be a mess. You have to find a perfect balance between the white space and the features on your site. Eyes have to be relaxed when looking at web pages.

Text and images

It is strongly recommended to follow text formatting guidelines and regulations for websites strictly. Also, don’t try to make your pages colorful by using different fonts and sizes. You need to create a pattern that will be pleasant to the eye. For example, use it in your structure in a way so the clients can recognize sections. People in general like patterns, as they are easily recognizable.

When picking images for your pages, be sure they are closely related to the content you are promoting. They need to be of high quality and in contrast with the color of the page. Size of the photos is very important. If you create a web page that takes minutes to load because images are too large, your customers will be aggravated, and the whole experience will be terrible.

Person holding a tablet

Optimizing your website for tables and mobile phones is a must.


Website optimization is a must. Not everyone uses a computer. All people use mobile phones, and the majority uses tablets. Besides, even if we talk about PC, there are different monitor sizes. Your website has to be responsive, which means that it has to scale up and down when your customers use various devices.

Organic reach basics

Organic reach is reflected in the number of people who visit your website via unpaid distribution. Any form of free commercials and adds that can bring you visitors will help you to improve user experience and organic reach of your pages. Here are some advices on how to create a useful advertising network and how to use it. Consequently, it will bring more people on your website.

Choose a platform that targets your audience

Do a survey and investigate what is the social media platform that your customers visit. Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter or any other, that’s where you need to post your adds. Common mistake is to advertise everywhere. This is a huge waste of time and energy. For example, where is the benefit in advertising on Pinterest if your customers do not go there.

Analytics and research

Install a share button on your website and track on which platform your clients share the content. This will help you stay ahead of your customers. Moreover, it will help you figure out where your focus should be.

Tablet showing visitor analytics

Analytics and research is a pivotal point of organic reach optimization for your website

Organic post targeting

When you post your content, think about who will read it. Knowing who your audience is will help in knowing what they want. Consequently, if you post targeted content, you will have more visitors.

Post quality content

With so many information within the reach of our hands, it is really difficult to post something different and interesting. To illustrate, what ever your point of interest it, it has to be something that will last for a long time. If you give people something without an expiration date, they will use it all the time.

UX and organic reach made easy

We hope that you have a pretty clear picture about how to improve user experience and organic reach on your website. Still, remember that when you think you know everything, that’s when you stop learning. We showed you a starting point. Nevertheless, we greatly recommend that you keep investigating on your own!

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